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unlucky buck ... lucky me

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only took 4 different weapon systems and 2 plus months ... Yesterday's Fugly hunt from hell... shot him at 1315 with crossbow 5 minutes in the woods .. had to hide and load the xbow ....  then tracked him the rest of the day watching him run across the thruway ... broke all kind of rules and ran across myself ... i wasn't losing him ... when i crossed was super happy when i saw a white belly to my left and realized it was roadkill ... then i looked right and there he was up against the fence .... and had to drag him back across the NY thruway at 1630 to my side .... 

Congratulations , that's some funny stuff right there ..
What we won't do to get our deer ....   :-)
Where the cars on the thruway blowing their horns at you,,,ha ha
Don't ask , how I know :-)))

wow great story congrats

That's hanging in there congrats

ole bleu:
Jesus thatís a story lol 😂 congrats lucky you both made it across


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