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I think most,if not all of us,can agree that we have a great site here and the bottom line is that it costs money to keep it going.There are sponsers and some members who contribute but I'm sure Ron foots more than his share of the bill and puts in a lot of time and effort into this site.Yesterday,it was discovered that,this site has reached 80% of it's bandwidth and the forum will have to be upgraded which means paying for more usage.Ron hasn't put me up to starting this thread and isn't aware I'm about to post something like this,it's just that I think he could use a little help from us.
If you enjoy this site and would like to see it continue,go to the bottom of the screen and click 'Donate'.Give what you can.I plan on giving 10-$20 every now and then but am asking you to give whatever you can...even if it's $5.
Thanks for reading my rant...and Ron,hope your not upset with me,bud. ;) Donate button is on the home page

Well said Swampbuck, Thank you.

I truly believe in support what you enjoy. I for one have enjoyed this site and have learned allot. I never new about salmon river and I plan on a fishing trip next year because of this site. I have also learned about patience in the woods as well as look for deer behavior. Things in 26 years of hunting NY i never new about. To think of all the does that I harvested,of what could of been behind them. A donation of $5-$25 of each person her can secure this site for a long time. Sportsman helping Sportsman.

Thanks Matt.I've got to meet some great guys because of this yourself.
aokmorelli,you've got THAT right!I've learned a lot here too and it's been good sharing our experiences and showing off what we bag,land or trap.There is no other site like this in the area and I'd like to see it around for a long time and if giving a few bucks here and there to keep it is what it takes then so be it.Why should just a few have to pay the way for something we all enjoy?Sportsmen Helping Sportsmen.


if a check is acceptable please post the name and address to send to.


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