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OUTDOOR SHOW this weekend


DIDNT even realize this show was back until i got an email this week ......

Didn't know either.  Thanks

Buddy told me it was smaller than original show. To be expected I guess as its a new group putting it on. Anyone go?

When I lived in northern NJ, that show was the "big one" for us. 
Had a few years when I went more than once, usually going on Sunday to get the best deals on stuff from the booths that sold things.
I still have a few of the lures we bought when me, my dad, and my bro-in-law went.  Some real gadgety-trick stuff.  We'd always laugh about the Worm Bar too.
I bought a O/U .410 from Navy Arms for $150 there, and still have and use it.  Still use the Crock Sticks for knife sharpening that I got there.
I met Jerry McKinnis at the Eagle Claw booth, and signed up for my Lifetime NRA membership there.
That was the biggest show I ever went to, I know there are bigger ones, but for me, that was the biggest.


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