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Venison game dinner gone bad


venison dinner I went to in January that went bad ... ive been going the last 3 years and the food tastes great ... 5 people on my table got toxoplasmosis ... so far nothing with me .... I brought leftovers home and gave them to a friend and he tested positive within 2 weeks and the doctors humored him saying no one gets that anymore then they got his blood results .....

Toxoplasmosis exposure warning issued for wild game dinners at American Legion post in Mount Kisco, Westchester County - ABC7 New York

Ive been to that dinner many times its very good. That last course the venison is super rare i never touched it. It was so rare that it comes out cold.  They are taking a big risk serving wild game super rare because its not regulated like beef

I did not even realize you could get toxoplasmosis from raw venison. Wow, and from a quick google search hopefully no pregnant women ate the raw meat. 

I hope those infected have a quick recovery...


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