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Video on how to post a video and Photo


Big Tom:
This is a video on how to post you tube videos.

1-Highlight the URL link on your browser page of the You Tube video and copy the link by right clicking on the link and selecting copy.
2-In your post right click again and select paste.
3-Highlight the link you just pasted.
4-On the tool bar select the You Tube button.
5-Hit post.



This is a video on how to post a picture.  You can use any photo you see on the internet.  Photo used is for example only.  Hope this helps folks in posting pictures.
1- Right click on any Photo on the internet that you want to share on the forum.
2- Select Properties.
3- Highlight and copy Image URL
4- Paste image URL into your post.
5- Highlight your image URL.
6- Click on the Insert Image button on the post tool bar.
7- Save your post

Big Tom:
Can we sticky this?

Thanks Tom this is very nice of u.. Ill move the topic to forum operations..


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