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Adding pictures to your posts


There are two(2) methods for adding a picture to a Post.

The 1st way is the “attach” method & the 2nd way is the “insert image” method.

Using the Attach Method

The attached method allows you to upload a photo directly from your PC. If you upload a photo to the forum using this method the photo can only go at the end of the post, and, you can only insert 2 images. At this time the maximum file size for one(1) attachment is 1000kb which may be less than the actual size of your photo. If you want to attach 2 photos to one(1) post they cannot be larger than 500kb each. Total attachment size is 1000kb per post.

To use this method, and the photo on your PC is less than 1000kb, the following directions will assist you with this process. Keep in mind that your picture will appear on the end or bottom of your post.

If you are starting a new topic or replying to an existing post, once you have written what you wanted to say click on the “additional options” located below the text box. Click on the Browse button, which will take you to your PC files. Select the folder & file and then click on the picture you want. Highlight it and then “save” it. This will insert your picture into your post. To add a second photo, to the same post, click on the “more attachments” button, which is to the right of the “browse” button. Again, highlight & save it.

Using the Photobucket Method

The “insert image” method is easiest way to attach a photo to your post. If you are serious about inserting pictures to your Posts then the best way is to open a free account at”

* Go to their site to register & sign in,
then, click on the “upload images and videos” button. This will open a window for you to choose the location where you want to look for a picture on your PC.
* Select the picture & then highlight it and then hit “open”. Photobucket will now upload the picture to their site.
* Once the image is loaded click on it, which will open the image.
* Then click on the “edit image” tab at which time a menu screen will appear above your photo. Now look where it says “new size” – if it says 640x480 or less then your photo will work on our forum. If it is larger than that, open up the “preset sizes” tab and select the size you want. Starting with “large” to “tiny” I recommend medium or large for one or 2 photos for your post. The tiny 100x75 size would be ideal for an Avatar.
* Once you have selected your image size click on the “apply” tab to save your settings.
* Scroll down and click on either “save a copy” or “replace the original”. I click on “replace the original” as the original picture is still in my PC. Photobucket will now reopen the image with the changes you have made.
* Just under, and to the left of the picture you will see a little window with some codes for this image. Click on the “IMG” code to highlight it.
* Then, right click and select “copy.”
* Now go back to the forum & post a reply or new topic. If you want your image on top of your post just click and then Right click and choose paste. You may now preview your image by scrolling down and clicking the “preview” tab, and if necessary make changes to your post. I find it the easiest to insert images at the bottom of the post…… Using this method your file size is unlimited and and images can be up to 800kb wide.
Hopefully this helps everyone when attempting to insert images to their posts. 

Just changed the pixel size from 250kb to 500kb. You could add 2 pictures @250kb or 1@500kb per post.

nice to know   ty

Hunter Benjamin:
I'm trying to add a picture off of an iPhone. How can I make it smaller?

try emailing it to youself choose smaller size before emailing it then save the pic back to your phone from your email and that should work.


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