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Disclaimer: This board is only for the purpose of connecting like-minded individuals and providing a place to post classifieds. All sales and transfers take place between two private parties. It is the sellers responsibility to make the determination to sell to an individual or not.
By using this board, you agree to hold the owners, other users, and any other non-involved parties harmless. If you don't agree, DON'T POST!!!

Just a quick note for your safety. Never assume the person you are dealing with is who he or she says they are. If you meet always meet in a public place with others around and never give any personal information out. please report any bad dealings to the site administrator.

Posting of FIREARMS & AMMUNITION is PROHIBITED....!! unless your a FFL dealer and approved by the forum administrator. No posting in a business aspect.

Please scroll down for more rules and info

Thank You

180.3 Definition and use of firearms, guns, and airguns
For the purposes of the Fish and Wildlife Law and this Title:

(a) The terms "firearm" or "gun" shall mean any rifle, pistol, shotgun or muzzleloading firearm which by force of gunpowder, or an airgun as defined in subdivision (b), that expels a missile or projectile capable of killing, wounding or otherwise inflicting physical damage upon fish, wildlife or other animals.

(b) The term "airgun" shall mean any implement which by the force of a spring, air or other non-ignited compressed gas expels a missile or projectile and has a rifled or smooth barrel, using ammunition no smaller than .17 caliber, producing projectile velocities of not less than 600 feet per second. For the purposes of the Fish and Wildlife Law, an implement meeting the above specifications shall be considered a firearm or gun, and may be used to take protected wildlife whenever such protected wildlife may legally be taken with a rimfire rifle.

Additional rules for classified.......

This is not an auction site;

All posts must contain an asking price or specific trades requested for items listed; or the thread will be deleted.

No thread crapping; moderators will remove any posts not directly involved with asking about item for sale. Don't like the price? ; don't buy it, or make an offer via PM by clicking on the sellers name and opening a personal message with them.


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