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Oars 4 Sale


I have 2 sets of used oars for sale.

A pair of  7 1/2 ft Sawyer SSts (1 piece) were used maybe 4 times, these are heavy duty oars, they are heavier than traditional synthetic oars, but the shoal cut blade does make a difference, they retail for $400 a pair. I am selling them for $130 with a set of heavy duty Wynn oar locks on them , so they are ready to go for the reservoirs.

A pair of 6ft Caviness (1 piece oars), no oar locks. $40.

If someone is willing to take both, you can have them for $150, PM if interested, meet in Queens/Nassau county or at a NYC reservoir.

Iím interested in the oars,going to check the length of oars I have now.Iíll msg you tomorrow,thanks

Prices lowered $150 for both.

Hi,sorry I never got back to you.Are the 6ícaviness oars still available?

6ft oars are sold.


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