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This area of HVS is open to discussing anything and everything, HOWEVER, you will need to comply with the general rules of this site. Refer back to "Forum Operations<>Welcome Guests and New Members" for specifics on applicable guidelines.

Folks there are plenty of places to look at hunting/fishing/trapping on this site.

If the topics in "fire away" offend you and you wish to just read hunting/fishing/trapping topics......

You are free to ignore these posts in this topic area; they are for general entertainment of the members and off topic exchanges.

Any posts that call out any moderator for editing either content or posts will be deleted.

Here at HVS the owner and all that have been involved with management would like to thank all of those who have joined and participated in making this an important site for news and information for local sportsman.

We would like to continue and expand our motto of "Sportsmen Helping Sportsmen" and to do so we need to sometimes steer the board in the direction that will help that mission. 
New policies will have to be made and current policies better enforced for our mission to stay on track.

Posting of slurs, name calling, negative, derogatory or slanderous information about an individual will be removed. Content that we feel is argumentative will be removed. If a posters violates these rules, their account will be suspended or account removed. Posts will not be edited for content instead the entire post will be deleted.

HVS will not tolerate any post that pertains to breaking the law. If your post contains any law breaking suggestions or  ideas it will be removed immediately by HVS staff.


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