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Here we go again ....
Put my paper work in at UC pistol permit office on 12/13/22
Waiting for judge Sovonna to sign my purchase coupon ..

I don't understand the delay , why ??
Anybody got any ideas how to fix this ?
If I call to ask a question , the clerk gets nasty and about hangs up on you ..!
What is the problem ?

How long have you guys waited for a purchase coupon ?

File a complaint about her that's just wrong for her to hang up she is a taxpayer paid employee

Well , the wait continues.. over 30 days now ..
I called and her secretary says " no not yet " with no explanation

Who would you file a complaint with ?
What's Trumps phone number ?  :-)

It’s a power thing…. They are definitely slow walking it…why? Because they can. Sucks!

I know , your right ..  +1
careful if you complain , you'll be on a black list ....


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