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Wood stoves

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Just some food for thought for those thinking about putting one in we used a tank and a half more fuel oil last winter because of the very windy cold winter we had and the last tank was over 1000 dollars so we put in a large stove rated at 2400 square feet exactly what our house is but instead of putting it in the house we put it in the basement it heats the entire floor of the house keeping it very comfortable we keep the garage door cracked with a 2 x and it keeps that from getting cold because above it is baseboard heat pipes yes it's work cutting and splitting wood but I enjoy it so no big deal we started it late September and besides a few days it's been going non stop and have not turned heat on yet we put last wood in at 9 pm it's 67 in the morning now is the time with my putting in new laws banning fossil fuel heating systems by 2025

yes sir.. mine is in my living room and heats the whole house we love it

Best heat going and good for the bones

The original renewable energy at it's finest.

Im on the same page. Love every minute of it. Just loaded mine up


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