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After a boat load of long days and nights im finally in a financial situation where im begining to search for a piece of property for my self and my family to call our own. Im looking to buy in central Ny or the finger lakes area. Im looking for recommendations if anyone has any in these areas for a realtor who specializes in raw land or somthing set up with a cabin on it. Its going to be used for a hunting retreat.

good luck hope u find exactly what your looking for.  (beers)

 Thank you.

This is a tough time to buy if you need a mortgage.  House prices are still kind of high, but loans are skyrocketing.  House prices will fall, but if you find "the place", then waiting probably isn't an option.  If you have cash, you're in great shape.  Check Craigslist or Zillow for what is available, lots to be found using the internet.
The only advice I'd give is that you definitely do NOT want to work with the listing agent if at all possible.  Get your own agent.

Thanks for the advice. Im in a good position with some buying power just paid off our primary residence. Ive been kicking around most of the reality sites and to be honest ive found a good amount of property that has caught my eye the problem im having is getting someone to call me back when I inquire on a parcel.


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