Author Topic: GUN - PERMIT MAP SPURS NEW LAWS TO CURB INFORMATION . . . . . . . .  (Read 621 times)

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the ref. article relates to the nys s.a.f.e. act re the list of nys handgun permitees:
that was and has been made public,
is circulating as we speak,
the list is inaccurate and hasn't been properly updated for at least 15 years (imo).
and just might be giving special privileges and consideration to certain gov't operatives who are treated differently than the average citizen.

this list should be kept public (imo) so that it can receive proper oversight and verification and for other important reasons.
esp. for policing our own ranks.


. . . . . . concerns of balancing your right to know, right of privacy

By Heather Yakin

Times Herald-Record

Published: 2:00 AM - 03/10/13
The decision by a Westchester County newspaper to publish an interactive map of handgun permit holders has changed the open-records landscape across the country. The Journal-News published a story and posted the interactive map click on a dot to read the name and address of a permit holder in Rockland and Westchester counties in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., mass shooting, when rhetoric was flying.

more at -
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