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Montauk open boat trip


I have a couple spots open for Full moon Striped Bass trip, if you want a great chance at 50" bass this is your shot!  All gear and bait provided.  Food & lodging is not included but many sleep in the car or book a room but thats pricey in MTK. This is hard-core fishing and not a leisure vacation but fishing is second to none you will not be disappointed!

Trip cost is $250 per person

I will be doing Fluke and Shark trips also during the day if you are interested in other opportunities.

Dates available:
July 5th
July 6th

Call or message
845 232 1240

Been out with pat at least 3 times in montauk. its a great trip to go on and pat always found the fish.. I would be going again this year but heading out on a tuna trip tomorrow night.

Good luck Ron big eye bite is on fire!


--- Quote from: gunner on June 24, 2020, 02:28:44 PM ---Good luck Ron big eye bite is on fire!

--- End quote ---
just my luck i took a bad fall in the woods the other day while fishing and cracked my elbow on a rock and can barely bend it now. Ill give it hell though.. tanks.

Hope you are on the mend Ron . . .

Good luck this weekend Pat! . . . hope to take the ride from Niantic to Montauk on Sat. . . depending on water/wind conditions and what Iím hooking into in Niantic.
Thanks again for he squid!

Tight Lines!!!


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