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Bloomberg and Farming


Going out this morning to farm.  Wondering if Mike knows how to grow apples.  Sounds like he knows all about corn with his one sentence lesson plant seed, cover with dirt, water.  If that's what he thinks with belittling disrespect of people who feed this country, what does he think about other occupations?  Very few people in America grow everything they eat and wear(cotton).  If you happen to run into one of the less then 3% of Americans who do all the farming, think about how hard they work to put milk in your coffee and thank them for making American great.

Good Bull - Appleman - X2

Donít you just put an apple in the ground and itís seeds grow more apples

Lol. Most all of us agree w you !   Keep up the good work, all 5 minutes of it.

Bloomberg is one of those politicians who thinks he is better than every one else, who thinks he knows better than everybody, who thinks itís ok for him but not you, who can have armed body guards but nobody else can have a gun, who thinks he can tell you how much soda-or salt to use but none of it applies to him. The guy is absolutely a moron! The farming comment is only one of many! Every time he opens his mouth a stupid , belittling comment comes out! Make it simple in Republican across the board! ďMinnie MikeĒ😂


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