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January doe season

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Stumbled upon this article while dinner was cooking and I was checking the news I've never seen this done before has anyone else

Not much public land and what there is is archery


--- Quote from: greensider on December 28, 2019, 06:52:58 PM ---Not much public land and what there is is archery

--- End quote ---
Lol. It says right in the article there’s 60,000 acres and you can use gun in gun areas or bow

Must be a different area than i was thinking I looked into the cortland hunt last year maybe things changed maybe more land open for guns now

There are 2 state parks that are public but need additional permits to hunt. They are bow and crossbow only. 60,000 acres is the entire size including private land. You would need permission for private like any other time. This is also a shotgun county so no centerfire rifles regardless of extended season.


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