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Anyone know of any land farms coming up for lease 2020? Want to check out what’s out there and prices? Thanks in advance. Small parcels probably good 2 maybe 3 . Big parcel also good add more family/ friends.

Gut shot:
I would be interested as well - this would be a great place for people to post them .

What's your mileage range and do you need equipment?  What crop plans do you have in mind and will you be able to keep any Ag exemptions in place for the owners? May want to advertise in grassroots paper.  Monthly paper for NY Farm Bureau.  One of the best ways to get the word out into the farm community-- best bang for your buck.  PM me if you need info for Grassroots.

Probably be nice within 2 hours of 12487 Ulster park and if that far can I bring camper etc closer may not be an issue.  I am open to being a great steward for the land. I am honest and An Honorable Discharged American Veteran if that carries any weight?

Not only are you a honorable veteran your a stand up guy Artie. One of the best guys ive met. Your someone who always goes out of your way for others and a true definition of a sportsmen. Good luck finding a lease bro.


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