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How many old guys are still deer hunting

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I'm 67 and had to drag out my deer over a mile this year. Luckily it was mostly down hill. I realized that some of the areas I love to hunt are too far for me to get the deer out. So I was wondering how old the rest of you older hunters are.  Anyone hunt with or know of older hunters?

Im 41 but mainly hunt with my uncle (65) and my father in law (64).  My father gave it up many years ago due to his health.  I have been the designated dragger for many years as im afraid of something happening to them.  We have never had property that we could use a quad to get our deer out.  Have dragged many deer and bear long distances. 
We mainly hunt Ulster and yes its easy to drag down hill when up in the mountains,  but i have noticed over the past 5 years or so that they are having trouble getting up those mountains to even hunt.  These are guys who up until their mid sixties would go anywhere at any time.  Lately they prefer to stay low.  It sucks because these guys are my best friends and i cant imagine what it will be like when they can no longer go.  Thank god i have 2 young sons that will hopefully follow the tradition.  One definately will but the other im not so sure. 
My mission this year is to find some orange or chenango farmland and get permission to hunt where they can hunt and use a quad to get deer out.
I dont see many young guys hunting either.  I didnt see one other person in the woods this year besides the guys.i was with. 

Iím 58 with two replaced knees and a right total shoulder replacement! 

So far, Iím still fine hauling deer out when itís easy but most days I quarter and pack out my deer and use a good set of trekking poles which make a huge difference especially for uphill pack outs. I learned how to do a complete cape out in case itís a deer or elk for the wall too which comes in handy instead of packing the whole head out.  But, I have to work at it. To keep healthy I actively engage in CrossFit 3-4 nights a week (modified of course) and ride a road bicycle several times a week in the summer. Good for me anyway and very helpful during hunting season.....or dragging an ice shanty full of crap in the snow! 😃

55 always seems like up hill coming out with a deer think about getting a hand truck i got one years ago they are better than most deer carts weight sits lower and perfect for sitting in small of your back a couple ratchet straps and good to go I have hauled at least 50 deer out with mine 

I'm 68 , and stay in the low lands mostly . I can usually drive a 4 wheeler or utv right to my deer , if not I got a cell phone and plenty of help ...  :-).   I do know some guys older than me , still hiking and hunting the mountains ...tough as nails ...and in good physical condition...:-)


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