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Hunting with Dogs


Itís hard to explain to someone who has never hunted with a dog what they are missing out on. Hours spent removing ticks, burdocks and those darn black seeds with the two spikes! Extra gear, and sometimes extra training. In my case however, lack of professional dog training- here are a few examples that anyone thatís ever hunted with me can attest to: barking during a retrieve, chasing after misses, knocking the blind over, chewing spent shells, digging holes, did I mention a bark or two when we havenít fired a shot in a 1/2 hour. I expect all this from my untrained natural born hunter and best friend Norman at age 11. I put up with all the extra for that one special bond and moment when it all goes right! It does sometimes all come together! I had a hunt yeaterday with my wife and Iíll share the video soon. It just could never be duplicated and we will get this beautiful drake wood duck mounted to celebrate the moment. It may be his last retrieve being old and lame but you never know. He still gets excited when he sees camo!  I just wanted to share that hunting with a dog although stressful at times can be the most rewarding experience!

So true, " Mans best friend " ! Good job Norman!


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