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Mr Fudd:
Hey Guys. Hi! I'm a life long hunter and have been lover of NYs great Whitetail and Turkey hunting opportunities since I was a kid. I love this state and love the change of seasons and good long cold winters and long hunting seasons, beautiful surroundings to boot. I recently retired and am a landowner in Ulster County NY. Now that I'm a free man I plan on hunting more than ever. No more waiting for the weekends. Looking forward to some good conversation. I'm going to give this forum a shot. The reason I say this is because it seems like the only thing sportsman wanna talk about anymore is politics. I don't like politics and spend time out in the field to avoid the constant political bombardment we seem to be subject to almost 24/7 anymore. I even gave up on my local gun club because it's pretty much turned into  whineatorium of old men still complaining about Obama and Hillary. Years back we actually talked about hunting, and who shot what, and technique and things hunters should be talking about.  So with that said happy hunting.

Welcome to the site Mr Fudd. Cant wait till i retire and dont have to wait for the weekends any longer. Great site here lots of great people.. Just so you know you can click on ignore boards if its something you dont want to see or read. Thanks for joining look forward to hearing some of your adventures. Ron.

I think you will be happy here not much politics here just a bunch of great outdoors people

Most politics on here are pretty tame and infrequent,  they typically are only directly in support of protecting our 2nd ammendment which I feel is a good thing.  That being said just ignore those topics and jump onto commenting and posting your own topics!

Just curious where abouts in Ulster are you from? We have a large percentage of members in Ulster as this is where Hudson Valley Sportsman (former name) now NY Sportsman originated...

Welcome aboard  (beers)

Welcome to the forum !


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