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Duck hunting West Point area


Looking to see if anyone has hunted the West Point area for waterfowl?  I recently moved back to the area and obtained the fishing and hunting permits. The area looks promising but again looking to see if anyone has any experience out there.

sorry for the late response . I don't personally have experience with duck hunting but do have friends that go and are successful I do bow hunt and rifle hunt West Point .

is there more than one designated area and hows the crowds???   have any success and is this 3M

once again sorry for the late response west point is 3p crowds have diminished over the years since non military/government requirements to be able to hunt the property have changed .. I don't know about waterfowl or small game who they allow to hunt from the outside but for big game after meeting all the requirements non WEST POINT hunters can only hunt the regular rifle season . not archery or late . there are probably 30 to 40 different areas w/ so many hunters allowed per area ..I have had success over the years . don't go there as much as I use to but do get very nice bucks on camera .. the bucks in the pictures came from west point ..

Nice couple of bucks Grazan.. (beers)


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