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Elmer's Report – Federation – AUGUST 2018 -
FEDERAL – US CONGRESS:  -  Report From Congressman Faso’s Office

1). DELGADO IS OFFICIALLY HIS OPPONENT.  Former Rapper with questionable content, well funded but not a lot of public activity yet…  He’s laying low, presumably preparing GOTV infrastructure & saving money for now.

2). CRITICAL TO GET OUT THE VOTE EFFORT FOR FASO -  The Extreme Progressive Liberals are pressing hard on this district.  This is a highly pivotal district and critical for us as it covers several State Senate districts.  If the opposition is successful at driving turnout against him, (and against Trump) then there is a strong likelihood that they will also flip the State Senate out of Republican control and we will see SAFE ACT 2 by the end of January.

3). FASO’S FREEDOM PHONE BANK -  It is recommended that Federation Clubs and all NYS Gun Owners & Sportsmen/women participate in the Phone Bank.  We have currently setup every Wednesday from 5p-8p 130 North Front Street Kingston (Suite 1 – Use the down ramp entrance in the back of the building.  Currently calling a “Swing” list (undecided independent voters but will be switching to sportsmen / Gun Owner demographics if/when Sportsmen  & Gun Owners start showing up.)

4). NRA FREEDOM PHONE BANK  -  Since we were on of only a handful of counties across the nation that utilized the phone bank in 2016, the NRA-ILA is going to pay for us to have a phone bank again for this year, for Faso’s district.  And since we found a volunteer in Long Island to do what I do with organizing and promoting it, they will also offer a phone bank for Lee Zeldin’s District in Long Island also.

5). 412K  -  That’s the number of registered voters in the NY 19…  Normal turnout is about 38% (156,560).  It is not clear what kind of turnout to expect, political research based on the recent Ohio and other Primaries show anywhere from 30% (123,600) to 50% (206,000).  So we are setting our soft goal at 50,000 phone calls and our hard goal at 85K phone calls. Seem like alot but remember that 1 person can get through 50 to 100 calls per hour as many are voice mail.  At 100 per hour, a group of 10 people can get through up to 3,000 calls in one 3 hour shift.  REMEMBER, ANY ULSTER FEDERATION CLUB THAT GETS 10 PEOPLE TO DO A 3 HOUR SHIFT GETS THEIR DUES BACK.

FEDERAL - US SENATE CANDIDATE:  -  Report From CANDIDATE Chele Farley’s Office

1). OFFICIAL CANDIDATE - She is officially the candidate to go against Turncoat Anti-NRA Gillibrand, and will appear on the Republican, Conservative, and Reform Party Lines.
2). OPPOSES AMTRAK FENCE PROPOSAL -  She has taken a position and is working against their effort to fence off access to the river. 

STATE - Report From NYSRPA

1). INSURANCE  -  We are all in trouble here and there is no solution at the moment.  Basically Cuomo’s Administration used a technicality to force a fairly large insurance brokerage to sign an agreement not to renew or write any new insurance policies for Gun related organizations and gun related events.  Following this, Cuomo used this action to threaten all other insurance companies to refuse to write or renew any policies or face the threat of losing the insurance business from the State Of NY.  So out of fear of losing bigger state money business the insurance companies are turning their back on the smaller gun business money.  This can and will affect ALL firearm related insurance.  Currently RPA is actively engaged in sourcing companies that are willing to stand up to Cuomo and write policies.  Also there is a lawsuit underway that is being carried by the NRA and supported by NYSRPA.  The lawsuit is in opening arguments stage in a federal court upstate.  The timeline is not known.  No matter who wins, it will most likely be appealed to higher court.  Not likely to be fully resolved anytime soon.  Best advice at this time is renew asap if possible to renew early, and if renewal is refused then extensive shopping to locate a company that is willing to write will be necessary.  Please share any info regarding company(ies) that did issue new or renewed policies so we can help others who are stuck.

2). MOLINARO/KILLIAN vs SHARPE  -  At this point Sharpe does not have any line, it is presumed he will get an independent nomination line under the name of Libertarian Party.  It is important for the Libertarian Party’s purposes to a). get the independent nomination line and then b) get 50,000 votes for Sharpe on that line to accomplish their goal of putting a candidate against Trump in 2020.  They have very active social media presence and are working to pull 2A voters away from Molinaro by trashing Molinaro and the GOP.  That’s bad news because every vote that is split away from Molinaro will only help Cuomo.  In 2016 the Libertarian Party received enough votes to cover the spread in the Popular vote.  Fortunately in the Presidential election we have the Electoral College.  In New York, we only have the popular vote and can’t afford to lose even a small percentage.

2016 Election Results
        Candidate       Party       Electoral Votes       Popular Votes
✓        Donald J. Trump       Republican       304       62,980,160
        Hillary R. Clinton       Democratic       227       65,845,063
        Gary Johnson      Libertarian       0       4,488,931
        Jill Stein      Green       0       1,457,050
        Evan McMullin      Independent       0       728,830

It is important to know that the Sharpe campaign is trying to smear Molinaro / Killian and the GOP in general.  And even though we all have been disappointed with the turns of events over the past few years with the GOP, this candidate is committed AND HAS COMMITTED ON THE RECORD to standing up for 2A.

3). STATE SENATE IS TEETERING ON LOST -  We have never had more on the line than we do with this coming election and while we cant control the total outcome, we CAN control our own turnout.  WE HAVE GOT TO DRIVE TURNOUT.  If we don’t keep the Senate and/or win the Gov Mansion, we’ll see unprecedented encroachment on 2A.

4). FACEBOOK PAGE -  Please announce to your club members that if they are on Facebook, please join the “NYSRPA Ulster County Affiliate” group.

5). NYSRPA 100% ENROLLMENT OFFER TO CLUBS -  Please discuss enrolling your club in the 100% enrollment program…  It is a good value, and NYSRPA needs the membership dues in preparation for current and anticipated upcoming lawsuits…  SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT …


1). IMPORTANT EVENT  -  Please ask your club to send/reimburse a member or more to represent sportsmen and gunowners at this banquet.  We will pull together as many tables as we can fill.  Also this is an epic scale event with the potential for very big name attendees and tthere is a call for help organizing it... 

Save October 1st date for our Annual Dinner.  It's at the Chateau on a Monday evening and our next Republican Governor Marcus Molinaro is our Guest of Honor and Main Speaker.  This event could and should be our biggest and most successful fundraiser
since we had Mayor Rudy as our speaker some time ago.  I am looking for volunteers to serve on the Dinner Committee with the
following goals:
1.  First and foremost, have a great turnout!         .
2.  Advertise the event well & make sure every Republican in Ulster knows of the opportunity to meet Marcus.
3.  Organize a special photo opportunity with Marcus.
4.  Honor retiring Senators Bonacic and Larkin.
5.  Get all of our State Candidates to attend
6.  Make the event something to remember for years to come.

2). CAHILL / SHERIFF LICENSING BILL  -  Meeting w/Cahill in Looks like 8/23 or 9/06…  Keep Sigs Coming…


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Thanks for the report Elmer. 
My liberty and freedoms are not yours to give or take!....They didn't make us free, we were born free and as long as we have the 2nd amendment we will remain free..