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A site where hunters, trappers and fishermen from the Hudson Valley area can communicate with each other by exchanging information such as posting pictures and comments, giving advice or telling of your experiences.

View this site at your leisure, however, you are required to register as a member in order to post information, view all pictures, attachments and to enjoy all the benefits of this site. There is no fee for joining, so sign up now!

Please keep in mind that this site is visited by all age groups and those of diversified backgrounds, so the posting of any information which can be interpreted as racist, sexist, obscene, pornographic or otherwise detrimental to this site is prohibited. Your cooperation is appreciated. The administrator and/or moderators of this site have the right to remove any post at any time. is in no way affiliated what so ever with any of our sponsors or advertisers.

Thank you, was created for the enjoyment of all sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

The use of this site to communicate, or imply. negative, derogatory or slanderous information about an individual, their family or their place of employment is strictly prohibited. Henceforth, any member found posting first and last names of any individual in this manner will be banned from this site.

The posting of news articles where an individual(s) has been prosecuted and deemed guilty by a Court of Law is exempt from the aforementioned restrictions.

By - tailspin348 - Global Moderator

1- You may not make personal attacks on other users or staff members either in the public forum or through private messages.
 There will be no posts made or personal messages sent to offend or hurt any other member or staff, in a manner which is offensive, vindictive or inflammatory.

2- More rules to come.

3- NYS will not tolerate any post that pertains to breaking the law. If your post contains any law breaking suggestions or  ideas it will be removed immediately by NYSS staff.

Thanks Hart - the intent of this site is to develop friendships and provide information about the many activities we enjoy in the great outdoors in the Hudson Valley area, it was not created to be used as a sounding board to slander others, whether they are members or not. Although we have had a few incidents of this they were short lived as our owner & our moderators have little patience for things of this nature. Our membership is now around 1100 members, which is impressive as our 2nd anniversay is approaching in a few weeks, and, we have only had to "discipline" a few individuals during this time. It's a great site & I look forward to its continued growth in the future.

Take Em:
We have gained a bunch of new members recently. Just wanted to make sure everyone sees this. It's also a good refresher for the rest of us on here.

Our motto here is "sportsmen helping sportsmen"


Take Em:
Bumping this thread for our new members


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