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Age your deer here..

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Thought we would start this thread again this season.. HVS member DHenry our local biologist can age your deer here if you post clear and close up photos of your lower jaw.. 

Ill post the first one now..


That's an easy one, Ron.

3 1/2 years old.

Your picture is perfect. All I need to age the deer is a close-up of the grinding surfaces of the teeth on the lower jaw. The picture should be taken from the cheek side, not the tongue side. 

Thank you Dick..

Can you age this one I have pic of other side as well...his front teeth some were missing other were rotten

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This deer is also a 3 1/2 year old. 

The molars, or grinding teeth are made up of two substances....enamel which is the white part,  and dentine which  is brown and resembles tooth decay, but is actually just a softer substance than the enamel. 

Molars are critical for grinding browse and other vegetation before passing the pre-chewed food on through the four chambers of the digestive tract.

Typically molars on the lower jaw are worn down to the gum line by the time they are approaching 10 years old.   


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