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Please have a little respect for our members who post trail cam photos or any other images of deer, bear and dont reveal the area if its familiar to you. We would like every member to continue posting these pics without worrying about spot burning. Thanks

nicely said ron...but what about those who sit on yer spot...and tell u that they were there first.deer hunting has a unfortunate way of turning mild mannered men into a----oles!keep yer powder dry

Yup, that is what happened to the guy with the arrow stuck in the back of his head - keep it kooooool guys & gals.... ::)

hey skinner i assume you hunt public land. my advise, get there first! I took a guys spot one day on purpose for some good reason and almost had a full blown brawl. people are crazy!

Way toooo many "crazies" out there anymore and no "spot" is worth fighting or brawling over... too many other places and deer to seek out.  >:( >:( >:( :o


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